Dinner Exchange Americana is an offspring of Dinner Exchange Berlin, a culinary project that was founded in Berlin, Germany, in October 2011 by Sarah Mewes and Sandra Teitge and is concerned with food waste.

Prior to each culinary event, we collect food that would otherwise go to waste from markets, bakeries, and other food distributors. From this random collection of ingredients we create innovative dishes and, hopefully, situations of vibrant social interaction. After each event, part of the income goes to initiatives and organizations focuses on food waste and a better food culture.

In Europe, we have organized dinners, brunches and breakfasts in the framework of different festivals and events (55th Biennale di Venezia; documenta 13; Climate KIC Germany; HAU/raumlabor; KW – Institute for Contemporary Art; Salon Populaire; Kunstraum Kreuzberg), to which we invited guests from diverse fields –art, architecture, dance, science– to discuss and performatively present a specific topic.


Sandra Teitge (*1982, East Berlin) organizes discursive events and exhibitions in the realm of contemporary art and is passionate about food. She is interested in creating time-based situations, which focus on dialogue, knowledge exchange, and the body. Most recently, Sandra co-organized the Pavilion of Georgia at the 55th Biennale di Venezia (curator: Joanna Warsza). Priorly, she worked in the artistic office of the 7th Berlin Biennale after a few years of gaining experience in commercial art galleries and private collections. Sandra regularly writes for diverse magazines and contributed to the publication Metropolitan Views II. Art Scenes in Berlin 1989-2009. She studied Art & Visual History (MA) in Berlin and Media Studies and French (BA) at the University of Sussex in Brighton and at the Nouvelle Sorbonne in Paris. Sandra is one of the initiators of the mobile exhibition series MASA BERLIN and the project 5.2×3.4 including the residency program F.D.13.

Sandra currently lives in Saint Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota and runs Dinner Exchange Americana.


Sarah Mewes (*1983, Berlin) is a journalist, writing about the European political economy, consistently rotating between Berlin-London-Frankfurt am Main. She graduated from the London School of Economics and Goldsmiths (University of London), with degrees in social and political sciences, as well as completing law school in 2010. Prior to becoming a journalist, Sarah worked for both the public and private sector in Europe and Africa, legal aid practices across London, as well as undertaking a foray into corporate law. She enjoys exploring different cultures, not least through their culinary practices.

Sarah lives and works in Berlin and follows Dinner Exchange Americana in spirit while continuing Dinner Exchange Berlin.


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